Unique Challenges of working in the Yukon

BSC Engineering excels in addressing the unique challenges posed by cold weather conditions in Canada’s northern communities, particularly in the Yukon. Our firm specializes in providing innovative engineering solutions tailored to withstand the harsh environmental factors prevalent in these regions. A focal point of our expertise lies in the implementation of Renewable Fuel District Heating Systems, offering sustainable and efficient heating solutions for large areas by harnessing locally available renewable resources.

Our commitment to excellence extends to Electrical Engineering Design customized for cold climates, where we prioritize the development of resilient systems capable of enduring extreme temperatures. BSC Engineering is at the forefront of incorporating geothermal heat pump systems into building designs, leveraging the Earth’s constant temperature beneath the surface to ensure energy efficiency and reduce dependence on traditional fuel sources.

Our proficiency encompasses the design of Hydronic Heating Systems, delivering efficient and consistent heating through a network of pipes. Tailored HVAC systems specifically optimized for extreme cold conditions form an integral part of our portfolio, integrating advanced technologies to maintain indoor comfort levels while optimizing energy consumption.

At BSC Engineering, we are experts in HVAC Systems and Fuel Oil Systems, addressing the distinct challenges associated with extreme cold and fuel delivery. We prioritize the implementation of energy recovery systems to ensure the recycling of valuable thermal energy within buildings, contributing to overall energy efficiency. Our mastery in Natural and Propane Gas Systems enables the creation of robust and reliable gas infrastructure, addressing the specific needs of northern communities with limited access to alternative energy sources.