Lakewood Chevrolet

  • SIZE: 80,000 sq.ft

Our team spearheaded the electrical design for the Lakewood Chevrolet project, crafting solutions for a new 80,000-square-foot dealership. Our scope encompassed a diverse array of systems, including power distribution, data networking, utility coordination, access control security, and integration of 600 kW of electric vehicle (EV) charger infrastructure. We approached this task with meticulous attention, ensuring each electrical component harmonized with the dealership’s operations and future demands while adhering to Chevrolet’s exacting standards. Our aim was to establish an efficient and dependable electrical framework capable of accommodating both present needs and anticipated technological advancements in the automotive sector. Through close collaboration with stakeholders, we developed a bespoke electrical design solution tailored to enhance operational efficiency and facilitate sustainable growth for the dealership. This project exemplifies our proficiency in managing and executing intricate electrical design endeavors, effectively meeting the demands of contemporary commercial establishments.

Edmonton, Alberta

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