EMR Research Barn

  • CLIENT: Yukon Government
  • COMPLETION: Under Construction

For the Yukon government’s EMR research barn, BSC developed an electrical design meticulously tailored to include an unheated storage barn with vital lighting, power, and ventilation; a heated office space designed for seasonal use; and detailed site requirements including utility coordination and essential infrastructure. Located near Whitehorse, this project necessitated innovative solutions to address the dual challenges of agricultural storage and research within a demanding climate. A critical aspect of our design was ensuring durability and functionality during the unoccupied winter months, requiring adaptations for extreme weather conditions. Our comprehensive approach guaranteed that each component, from the storage structure and seasonal office space to site servicing, was not only efficient and sustainable but also resilient against the harsh winter, highlighting BSC’s adeptness in engineering solutions for specialized facilities in challenging environments.

Whitehorse, Yukon

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